to skip, to gloss is a site-specific installation that utilizes photography, sculpture, and architectural elements to explore how our perception is translated into understanding.

Built into the framework of to skip, to gloss is my ongoing investigation into behavioral patterns that create expectations, habits, and vulnerability. The body, although not pictured, tears down and builds the photographed wall and touches the found objects on display. The formal arrangement of objects, images and materials suggest metaphors that explore the bond between aggression and delicacy, trust and doubt, knowing and “skipping over”.

The images in this exhibition were created by documenting the demolition of an architectural element in the exhibition Changing the Tense; Both photographs and demo were done by the artist. 

The installation presents a series of binary relationships that are represented as photographs and related sculptural elements. Through lighting and a temporary wall, the gallery is bisected into a dark and light half. In the light half a long line of 26 color photographs depicts a wall in various states of construction and demolition.  A two-way mirror in the dividing wall offers a reflection toward the light half, and a view of the light from the dark half, which contains a sculpture in dialog with the photographs. Vantage points within the exhibition suggest to the viewer such larger issues as surveillance, access, and borders. The architectural elements highlight the role of the body in space and our instinct to trust what we experience first hand.