Naked Acts Publication

Designed by Stephanie Bursese
Edited by Cynthia Rowell
Printed & Bound by Conveyor Studio, Clifton, NJ 
Typeset in Marion, Goudy Heavyface Std
#80 Uncoated Text & #100 French Paper Pop-Tone Grapesicle
62 Pages
First printing, Edition of 250

The third publication from a series of six commissioned by Lightbox Film Center in Philadelphia as part of their film restoration project led by Jesse Pires. 

All images were taken during production between 1993-1995 on film and were selected from a 1000+ photographic archive provided by Bridgett Davis.
Published on the occasion of the restoration of Naked Acts (Bridgett Davis, USA, 1996, 87 min.)

Lightbox Film Center, University of the Arts, Bridgett M. Davis and Maya S. Cade.

Film Center at University of the Arts (Philadelphia) in collaboration with Milestone Film, with support from Ron and Suzanne Naples. This 2023 restoration is from the 16mm a/b rolls preserved at the Indiana University Black Film Center & Archive.

Lightbox Film Center advances underrepresented and unexpected modes and makers of moving image art. Building a community around a shared reverence for cinema, we celebrate the projected image as a framework for diverse ideas and perspectives.