Inverse Sampler is a new body of work featuring intricately hand-embroidered textile pieces that give form to the experience of compulsion and memory, and question assumptions about the idea of “a copy.” Inspired by the layered history of the needlework sampler, and utilizing the artist’s own photographs as source material, each of the multivalent compositions employs competing perspectives and scales to expand the meticulous fidelity of a photograph. Each piece uses a micro-punch needle tool to insert individual loops of cotton embroidery thread into the linen fabric. The linen is a mix of second-hand fabric and new yardage.
Each pieces is finished by hand using a sewing machine. The work ranges in size from 14” on the smallest side to 42” on the largest.

Available Works for Purchase  

Installation details from a solo exhibition at Vox Populi in Philadelphia from September 8th - October 15th, 2023.